Clinical Corrective



Skin Angel Laser Facial

A modern corrective 2​D laser facial collaborating Cutera

Laser Genesis & IPL Limelight for that signature Skin Angel



Laser Genesis


The go to complexion laser proven to stimulate & increase

dermal collagen production, improving fine lines & wrinkles

with no down time.

$450 for Face & Neck

$550 for Face, Neck & Declotage


$200 for Forehead, Nose or Chin

$350 for Full Face

$250 for Half Face

$150 for Hands


IPL Limelight


A light-based skin rejuvenating procedure for treating

imperfections, skin tone & surface redness,

mottled complexions, freckles & sun spots.



$500 for Face, Neck & Declotage


$400 for Face & Neck

$300 for Full Face

$200 for Forehead, Nose or Chin

$150 for Hands

$250 for Half Face

$100 for Single Spot

Laser Pigmentation Removal


An alexandrite laser treatment specifically targeting

unwanted pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, freckles.



$350 for Face & Neck

$250 for Full Face

$200 for Half Face

$150 for Forehead, Nose or Chin

$450 for Face, Neck & Declotage

$50 for Single Spot

$70 per 5 mins on Body

$100 for Hands



Laser Vascular Therapy


 YAG laser therapy that selectively targets vessels treating

broken capillaries, small spider veins, cherry angioma's,

diffused facial redness and leg veins.



$550 for Face, Neck & Declotage

$450 for Face & Neck

$350 for Full Face

$250 for Half Face

$200 for Forehead, Nose or Chin

$150 for Single Vessel

$350 per 20 mins Leg Vessels


$300 per 15 mins Leg Vessels

$250 per 10 mins Leg Vessels

$200 per 5 mins Leg Vessels

$250 per 10 mins Leg Vessels




Collagen Induction Therapy



The latest device in skin needling the DermaPen 4 micro-needling treatment utilises your bodies own natural regenerative abilities whilst infusing Hyaluronic Acid to plump & hydrate your skin.

$550 for Face, Neck & Declotage

$450 for Face & Neck

$350 for Full Face

$250 for Half Face

$50 for Numbing


$200 for Forehead, Nose or Chin

$150 for Hands or Eyes only

$50 for Hyla Active

Mask -  by Dermaceuticals (Add On)


Sebaceous Gland Ablation



The innovative acne treatment selectively destroys rouge

sebaceous glands permanently. This safe, scar free & non-drug

therapy eliminates the cause of breakouts.


The SGA facial includes an exfoliation of AHA & BHA peel

OR an enzymatic peel prior to the procedure

to remove build up of dead skin cells potentially

causing oil congestion & extractions post treatment.



$450 for Face, Chest & Back


$350 for Face & Chest/Back

$250 for SGA Full Face

$200 for SGA Express




Acne Therapy

SGA - Maintenance


Maintain results post your SGA treatment plan or keep on top

of those monthly hormonal breakouts with

our maintance express service.



$150 for 1-20 Breakouts

$120 for 1-15 Breakouts

$100 for 1-10 Breakouts

$80 for 1-5 Breakouts

$25 for 1 Breakout


$50 for 1-3 Breakouts

Mole & Skin tag Removal

Must obtain written Dr approval

$250 for Mole Removal

$50 for Additional Moles

$200 for Skin Tag Removal

$20 for Additional Skin Tags

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