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LED Light Therapy

White 830nm - Wound healing & skin rejuvenation.

Blue 415nm - Treating active acne & inflammation.


HealLite II - the latest technology from the creator of Omnilux.

The 'happy' light therapy that treats the skin from within by stimulating blood flow at a cellular level.


For best results LED is recommended two-three time per week

or as an add-on post peels, facials and corrective therapies.

Light Therapy 



LED Facial

LED Healite is available in both White & Blue light. White light penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin to reduce inflammation, produce collagen and elastin and speed up healing process in the skin. Blue light targets acne causing bacteria on the skin to reduce further break outs and calm existing problematic skin. Paired with a peel to suit your skin needs presented on the day and a facial massage.



LED Express


Designed as maintenance, or an add on to any clinical corrective therapy OR post a peel or facial.



$60 for Add On




$80 for Add On



Express Pack


$450 for Pack of 5

Save 10%


$850 for Pack of 10

Save 15%



LED Luxury


Includes a hand and arm massage during the LED light therapy treatment.


$120 forAdd-On





$150 for Add On


Luxury Pack


$720 for Pack of 5

Save 10%


$1,360 for Pack of 10

Save 15%


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