LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy 





LED Express


Designed as maintenance, or an add on to any clinical corrective therapy OR post a peel or facial.


$60 for Express Light Therapy


$40 for Add On



Express Pack


$250 for Pack of 5

Save $50


$450 for Pack of 10

Save $150




LED Luxury


Includes a hand and arm massage during the LED light therapy treatment.



$120 for Luxury Light Therapy


$100 forAdd-On



Luxury Pack


$500 for Pack of 5

Save $100


$950 for Pack of 10

Save $250  


Blue 415nm - Treating active acne & inflammation.

White 830nm - Wound healing & skin rejuvenation.


HealLite II - the latest technology from the creator of Omnilux.

The 'happy' light therapy that treats the skin from within by stimulating blood flow at a cellular level.


For best results LED is recommended two-three time per week

or as an add-on post peels, facials and corrective therapies.

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