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intra-oral sculpting & lifting facial


deep sculpting

The Intra-Oral Sculpting & Lifting Facial is an advanced, non-invasive treatment that targets facial muscles both externally and internally. This unique approach combines traditional facial massage with intra-oral techniques to address deep-seated tension and promote muscle rejuvenation.

By working on the muscles from inside the mouth, this treatment offers a level of facial sculpting and lifting that surpasses traditional facials, providing comprehensive rejuvenation without the need for injections or surgery.

Treatment Time



Pregnancy Safe

90 Minutes

No Downtime

Facial Posture



intra-oral sculpting & lifting facial

who is Intra-Oral Sculpting & Lifting Facial for?
  • Individuals seeking natural facial rejuvenation

  • Those experiencing facial tension or TMJ discomfort

  • People looking to improve facial contours and muscle tone

  • Clients wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Anyone desiring a non-invasive alternative to facial lifting procedures

how does Intra-Oral Sculpting & Lifting Facial work?

The treatment begins with a thorough external facial massage to relax surface muscles and improve circulation. The therapist then uses specially designed, gloved techniques to massage the muscles inside the mouth, targeting areas typically inaccessible through external massage alone.

This intra-oral approach allows for deeper manipulation of facial muscles, releasing tension in the jaw, cheeks, and around the mouth. The combination of external and internal massage techniques promotes lymphatic drainage, increases blood flow, and stimulates collagen production. This comprehensive method not only sculpts and lifts the face but also addresses underlying muscular issues that contribute to facial aging and tension.

expected outcomes
  • Visibly lifted and more defined facial contours

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improved facial muscle tone and elasticity

  • Alleviation of TMJ-related discomfort and facial tension

  • Overall rejuvenated and more youthful appearance

  • Stay hydrated and avoid heavy makeup for 24 hours post-treatment

  • Continue with a gentle skincare routine and protect your skin from sun exposure

  • Consider incorporating facial exercises recommended by your therapist to maintain results.

who is not suitable
  • This treatment is not suitable for individuals with active oral infections, recent dental work, severe TMJ disorders, or facial injuries

  • Those with a history of cold sores should consult their therapist before treatment.

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