Clinical Facials



Skin Angel Signature Facial


A deluxe active facial customised to your skin. Wild cherry & orange cleanse, deep cleansing raspberry exfoliation with an enzymatic exfoliating pumpkin OR pineapple & papaya peel, antioxidant acai & goji berry peel, dream repair serum massage followed by a skin balancing cranberry & clay OR rejuvenating cacao mask. Finishing off with Beauty Chef's Glow inner beauty powder containing prebiotics & probiotics for beautiful glowing skin & improved gut health.



EpiNova Photosonic Facial 

This new-generation facial combines photosonic and ultrasonic technology with a customised RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment to target signs of environmental damage, pigmentation and congestion. Relaxing micro-circulatory massage techniques improve skin tone and optimise penetration of powerful cosmeceuticals to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, improve skin texture and smooth away fine lines. Skin appears significantly more luminous and youthful..


PhotoGenic Facial 

Fortifying for the most sensitive skin, RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial is our signature strengthening treatment innovation. Skin is revitalised with a curation of highly potent Antioxidants to calm, clarify and achieve complexion perfection. PressurePoint massage fuses with LED Light Therapy to induce simultaneous relaxation and radiance.


Lymphatic Enzyme Facial 

A deluxe active facial customised to your skin. A tailored double cleanse followed by a thorough inspection of your skin in order to best treat your needs presented on the day. An enzymatic exfoliation OR physical scrub followed by a Peel, lymphatic facial massage and finished with a turmeric sculpted mask. Followed with Beauty Chef's Glow inner beauty powder, containing prebiotics & probiotics for beautiful glowing skin & improved gut health.


Prescription Facial


Our Prescription facial is customised in every way to meet your needs on the day. A tailored double cleanse followed by a thorough inspection of your skin in order to best treat your skin. An enzymatic exfoliation OR physical scrub followed by a Peel, then a neck and decolletage hydrating mask and massage whilst we tailor a specific face mask to tackle your concerns. Followed with Beauty Chef's Glow inner beauty powder, containing prebiotics & probiotics for beautiful glowing skin & improved gut health.


Firming Peptide Facial 

The Peptide facial poses a blend of potent active ingredients to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. This gentle, metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with L-Lactic Acid and Retinol to help reduce the signs of ageing and unveil a brighter complexion. With the addition of Raspberry Oil, which naturally absorb UV radiation, this treatment also helps protect the skin from future UV damage post treatment. Finished with a rejuvenating peptide infused gel mask which delivers intensive care whilst supporting and refreshing your skin.


Herbal 'B' Peel Facial


The Herbal Beauty Peel is an easily performed, regenerative fresh-kick, 1 day for fresh skin!

B Peel activates your skin’s metabolism and detoxification by increasing circulation and improving microcirculation - supplying skin with oxygen and nutrients.

Activates skin’s repair mechanisms through targeted, controlled irritation.

Skin is optimally prepared and receptive for subsequent products and treatments, improving skin complexion without visible signs of peeling.



Derma Repair Facial

The ultimate defence facial for skin with a weakened barrier function & diffused redness. Repair, actively restore & strengthen your skin cells, followed by Beauty Chef's Glow inner beauty powder for improved gut health. 



Collagen Facial

Regenerative collagen fleece to hydrate your skin, smooth lines & wrinkles improving skin's elasticity. Collagen boosts skin firmness, texture & fine lines. A versatile fleece mask with super active humectants to restore and protect moisture to very dry complexions prone to tightness, flaking and discomfort. Collagen Intensive Fleece Mask actively nourishes parched skin.



Biomimetic High-Performance Facial

A thorough cleanse and inspection of your skin, followed by a pre peel spelt exfoliation and the option of a range of peel off masks tailored to your needs, ranging from Anti-couperose, Paypaya Enzyme, Age Repair etc. Followed by a beautiful facial massage. 



Thermo Modelage Facial

Beauty Mask increases circulation, speeding the supply of oxygen & nutrients to detoxify & firm the skin. Antioxidant boosts dull, sun damaged skin looking to fight the negative effects of free radicals.




Hydro Marine Algae Facial

Deeply hydrating & moisturising to calm redness & inflammation in stressed skins like Rosacea. Hydration boosts cellular hydration from the inside out.



Pregnancy Facial

A deeply relaxing and restoring facial for a soon to be mum! A tailored double cleanse followed by a pre peel enzyme, a peel tailored to your skins needs, and a mask to finished off. This facial includes a face, neck and décolletage and scalp massage.


Teen Facial

This facial is perfectly suited to teens experiencing problematic skin. A thorough double cleanse followed by a pre peel enzyme, desincrustation solution and extractions where needed.


LED Facial


LED Healite is available in both White & Blue light. White light penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin to reduce inflammation, produce collagen and elastin and speed up healing process in the skin. Blue light targets acne causing bacteria on the skin to reduce further break outs and calm existing problematic skin. Paired with a peel to suit your skin needs presented on the day and a facial massage.


Oxygen Facial

The skin requires oxygen in order to survive, but with pollution, ageing and other factors, the skin may not have all the oxygen that it needs. Pressurised oxygen is delivered to the face, hydrating the skin immediately. The skin cells are replenished by contact the oxygen has with the skin. Paired with a peel to suit your skin needs and a facial massage. 


Radio Frequency Facial

This facial is Radio frequency works to aid circulation of blood and lymph, support cell detoxification  and increase supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, all resulting in  tightened, firmed and stimulated skin. Followed by sonophoresis to deeply infuse the active ingredients tailored to suit your skin needs on the day and a facial massage.


Sonophoresis Facial

Ultra-Sonic cleansing and penetrating works at decongesting, clearing, detoxifying, reduces fine line, increases skin elasticity and restoring the skin to a smooth youthful glow. This involves ultrasonic cleansing, sonophoresis product infusion, and facial massage. Paired with a peel to suit your needs on the day.


Bio Ultra-Lift Facial

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Repairing, regenerating, healing, firming and lifting 

muscle re-activation, cellular stimulation, ATP energy 

LED, reactivating, awakening, energising, purifying and calming. 

Bio ultra-lift repairs, regenerates, heals, firms and lifts your skin! Energy within the skin is increased by up to 500%, intra-cellular electrolytes are restored, micro-circulation is increased and the underlying facial muscles are strengthened and firmed. Ultra lift is muscle re-activation and cellular stimulation. This is achieved through electro muscle stimulation of muscle contraction via controlled electrical pulses. The result is lifted, rejuvenated and firmer looking skin.


Microdermabrasion Facial

An intensive diamond exfoliation, followed by an enzymatic peel & lymphatic drainage massage to refine & polish your skin.


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