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Treatment Regimes


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Treatment Regimes.jpg

The Skin Angel Process

Embark on a transformative experience tailored exclusively for you.  At Skin Angel, we offer the pinnacle of bespoke skincare with our expert-led treatment regimes - your monthly corrective skin regime to optimal skin health.

Expert Skin Consultation

Begin your journey with a comprehensive skin analysis conducted by our highly knowledgeable dermal clinicians. This in-depth consultation utilises advanced diagnostic tools for precise skin assessment allowing us to understand your unique skin concerns and goals.


Tailored Treatment Regime

Based on your consultation and specific concerns, our expert clinicians will craft a personalised treatment plan designed to achieve optimal results.


Step 1: Choose Your Area of Concern 

Select the coverage area that best addresses your skincare concerns:

Bronze: Cheeks

Silver: Half Face

Gold: Full Face

Pearl: Face & Neck

Opal: Face, Neck & Décolletage

Diamond: The Ultimate 2D Laser Facial

Step 2: Determine Your Treatment Duration 

Our clinicians will recommend an appropriate duration based on your skin's needs:

3-session package

6-session package

12-session package

Each package is designed to deliver optimal results for your chosen regime.

Whether you opt for a shorter or longer treatment regime, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your skin.

Step 3: Customise Your Treatment Combination
Your clinician will create a bespoke treatment plan, strategically combining our corrective treatments to address your specific skin concerns effectively.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

Your personalised regime may include a carefully curated selection from our state-of-the-art treatments:

Corrective Treatment
Treatment Benefit
Laser Genesis
Refine texture, minimize fine lines
IPL Limelight
Target sun damage and redness
CIT Skin Needling
Improve scarring and skin texture
SGA Acne Therapy
Combat acne and oily skin
Laser Pigmentation Removal
Fade dark spots and melasma
Laser Vascular Therapy
Reduce visible veins and rosacea
Sculpt & Lift Facial Massage
Enhance contours and elasticity
EMS Face Gym
Tone and lift facial muscles
Vitamin A Infusion Facial
Rejuvenate and even skin tone
Prodigy Peel P2
Address multiple concerns including fine lines and pigmentation


To complement your corrective procedure and rejuvenate your skin, each monthly regime includes a prescribed clinical exfoliation (e.g., peel or enzyme) and a mask chosen by your skin expert.

Adaptive Care

Whilst your initial plan provides a roadmap for your skincare journey, we understand that skin is dynamic. Our clinicians will continually assess your progress and may adjust your corrective treatment types as needed to ensure optimal results.


Visible Transformation

As you progress through your treatment regime, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your skin's health, texture, and appearance.



Experience the Skin Angel Difference

Our approach combines clinical expertise with luxurious care, ensuring that every aspect of your skincare journey is tailored to your unique needs. Let our specialists guide you towards your skin's true potential.


Ready to begin your transformative skincare journey?


Payment Options


Skin Angel Bronze Treatment Regime.jpg


for cheeks

Skin Angel Pearl Treatment Regime.jpg


for face & neck

Skin Angel Silver Treatment Regime.jpg


for half face

Skin Angel Opal Treatment Regime.jpg


for face, neck & décolletage

Skin Angel Gold Treatment Regime.jpg


for full face

Skin Angel Diamond Treatment Regime.jpg


for the ultimate 2D laser facial

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