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Our Haven for Skin Health​

At Skin Angel, Results are paramount. We combine clinical efficacy with luxurious experiences, ensuring every client leaves our clinic feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and serene. Our treatments, designed with the latest clinical know-how and backed by science, to support you in ageing gracefully, revealing your skin's true luminosity and vitality.

We champion a "Medical Beauty" philosophy, focusing on prescriptive regimens that deliver optimal results. Our carefully selected product partners feature the finest formulations from around the world, ensuring your skin receives nothing but the best.

where science meets luxury in perfect harmony.

You're at Skin Angel.

Our People


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Clinic Manager
senior dermal clinician
DipBT, BHlthSc
Bachelor of Dermal Science
(Dermal Therapies)

Skin expert Charlotte is passionate about helping her clients achieve their skin goals.


Charlotte likes to ensure that her clients have an outstanding experience each and every visit. Her friendly and pleasant manner helps her clients feel completely comfortable, educated and excited about their skin care regimen.


By combining her knowledge and skills with Skin Angel’s cutting-edge products, tools and modalities, Charlotte is able to fine-tune each service to the needs of her clients and offer her professional expertise in guiding them towards achieving their personal skin goals.


Driven by her passion for science, skincare, and formulation Charlotte has completed her Dermal Science Degree in Dermal Therapies, and she continues to make learning and growing a top priority.


Her passion for knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing skincare industry ensures that she stays informed with the cutting edge technologies and latest ingredients in skincare, which she loves to share with her clients.

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clinic receptionist


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dermal clinican

DipBT, BHlthSc
Bachelor of Applied Health Science
(Clinical Aesthetics)

Skin expert Dimitra is dedicated to helping you find your best self through guidance in delivering holistic treatments and ongoing support in your skin journey.


Knowing what it’s like to have skin concerns of her own throughout her teens and early twenties, Dimitra’s passion for dermal based treatments was sparked in her search for healthy glowing skin. In her skin journey she developed a passion for a holistic approach to skin and health in general which guides her treatment approach. This carries over in her genuine passion for helping others achieve their skin goals by thoroughly assessing, addressing and correcting a range of varying conditions from acne to ageing concerns.


Dimitra has completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Aesthetics, which reflects her ongoing dedication to performing treatments with state-of-the-art technologies alongside quality science-based cosmeceutical skin care formulations for immediate and ongoing results.

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clinic receptionist

Our experienced and detail-orientated clinical receptionist Tayissa is the friendly face you will encounter at our front desk. Holding a Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences with Distinction, Tayissa is passionate about promoting holistic wellness and brings a deep understanding of biological sciences and public health to her role. She is dedicated to providing exceptional client-centred care and prioritises creating a warm environment where each individual feels valued and welcomed. By fostering open communication, Tayissa empowers clients to take proactive steps towards their skin goals by providing comprehensive information about our clinical corrective treatment options and skincare products for all skin types. Her ability to handle administrative tasks with professionalism and empathy and to effectively streamline clinic operation contributes to a seamless experience for our clients and staff alike.

Our Partners


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