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mesoestetic facials


precision refinement

Mesoestetic Facials, featuring the renowned cosmelan® method, are cutting-edge treatments designed to address severe and resistant pigmentation issues. These professional-grade facials offer a unique combination of active ingredients that provide both immediate and long-term results.

The cosmelan® method not only corrects existing pigmentation but also regulates melanin production to prevent future spots. Additionally, it offers anti-ageing benefits by stimulating collagen and elastin production, enhancing overall skin health and appearance.

advanced crystal fibre LED facial

Cutting-edge treatment combining crystal fibre mask and LED therapy. Enhances cell renewal, restructures water-lipid layer, and boosts hydration. Includes additional peel for maximised results. Ideal for comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

60 Minutes | $340

crystal fibre LED facial

Innovative facial utilising medical-grade crystal fibre mask and LED therapy. Promotes cell renewal, improves skin moisture, and enhances active ingredient absorption. Perfect for those seeking advanced, non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

45 Minutes | $280

energy C facial

Powerful antioxidant and illuminating treatment. Combats early signs of ageing, evens skin tone, and boosts radiance. High-concentration Vitamin C formulation targets oxidative stress, perfect for dull, stressed skin seeking revitalisation.

60 Minutes | $290

Treatment Time

45 - 60 Minutes






from $280 - $340

Pregnancy Safe

mesoestetic facials

who are mesoestetic facials for?

  • Individuals with severe or resistant pigmentation issues

  • Those seeking a professional-grade depigmentation solution

  • People looking to improve overall skin brightness and tone

  • Clients concerned with preventing future pigmentation problems

  • Anyone interested in combining pigmentation treatment with anti-ageing benefits

mesoestetic facial treatment process

Mesoestetic Facials, specifically the cosmelan® treatment, work through a dual-action approach. First, they provide a corrective action that visibly removes and attenuates existing spots. Secondly, they offer a regulating action that controls the overproduction of melanin, preventing the reappearance of pigmentation. 

The treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis and is applied by skincare professionals in a controlled setting. The unique formula penetrates deep into the skin, targeting pigmented areas while also stimulating collagen and elastin production. This comprehensive approach not only addresses pigmentation issues but also contributes to overall skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing effects.

expected outcomes

  • Significant reduction in visible pigmentation

  • Prevention of future pigmentation issues

  • Enhanced overall skin brightness and even tone

  • Improved skin texture and firmness

  • Long-lasting results with proper aftercare and maintenance


  • Follow the prescribed Mesoestetic home care routine rigorously

  • Protect your skin with high SPF sunscreen daily

  • Attend all recommended follow-up appointments

  • Continue with maintenance treatments as advised by your skincare professional

who is not suitable

  • Individuals with hypersensitivity to any ingredients in the treatment

  • Those with active skin infections or open wounds

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women

  • People with certain skin conditions (consult your dermatologist before treatment)

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