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rationale facials


luminous transformation

RATIONALE Facials are premium, results-driven treatments that combine cutting-edge skincare technology with luxurious pampering. Developed by Australia's leading prestige skincare brand, these facials utilize powerful, dermatology-driven formulations to protect and repair skin.

Each RATIONALE Facial is customized to address specific skin concerns, from brightening dull skin to firming and hydrating. The treatments incorporate advanced techniques such as ultrasound technology, LED light therapy, and tailored hydroxy acid complexes.

The Crystal Clarity Facial

Streamlined treatment reactivating vital youth enzymes. Incorporates proprietary Enzyme Reactivation Complex and LED Light Therapy. Delivers instant radiance, refined texture, and promotes skin regeneration for a clear, luminous complexion.

45 Minutes | $190

The PhotoGenic Resilience Facial

Signature strengthening treatment combining antioxidant complex, micro-circulatory massage, and LED therapy. Restores skin resilience, reawakens radiance, and provides immediate and long-lasting luminosity boost.

60 Minutes | $270

The EpiNova Brilliance Facial

Luxurious, bespoke facial incorporating enzyme reactivation, vitamin infusion, ultrasonic technology, and LED therapy. Tailored to individual skin goals, it promotes skin revitalisation, renewal, and unparalleled radiance.

90 Minutes | $340

Treatment Time

45 - 90 Minutes






from $190 - $340

Pregnancy Safe

rationale facials

who are RATIONALE facials for?

  • Individuals seeking high-end, results-oriented skincare

  • Those with specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or sensitivity

  • People looking for a luxurious facial experience with visible results

  • Anyone wanting to experience Australia's leading prestige skincare brand

The RATIONALE facial process

RATIONALE Facials work through a multi-phase approach, tailored to each individual's skin needs. The treatments typically begin with a thorough double cleanse, followed by a gentle resurfacing phase using proprietary enzyme reactivation complexes or hydroxy acids.

The core of each facial involves the application of targeted treatments such as vitamin masks or infusions, often enhanced by advanced technologies like LED light therapy or ultrasonic infusion. 

These elements work synergistically to reactivate vital youth enzymes, promote collagen production, and boost overall skin health. Specialised massage techniques are incorporated to improve circulation and enhance product absorption, culminating in a truly transformative skincare experience.

expected outcomes

  • Visibly brighter, more even skin tone

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improved skin hydration and nourishment

  • Calmer, more resilient skin (for sensitive skin types)

  • Overall improvement in skin texture and radiance


  • Follow the recommended RATIONALE skincare routine

  • Protect your skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen daily

  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Schedule regular treatments for optimal, long-lasting results

who is not suitable

  • Individuals with active skin infections or open wounds

  • Those with certain skin conditions (consult your dermatologist)

  • People allergic to specific ingredients in RATIONALE products

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