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dr spiller facials


natural opulence

Dr. Spiller Facials are advanced skincare treatments harnessing natural, plant-based ingredients and innovative HYTEC Emulsion Technology. These facials work with your skin's natural processes, combating premature ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, and breakouts.

Each facial is designed to deliver active ingredients deep into the dermal layers, promoting skin health from the inside out. The treatments are biomimetic, imitating the skin's biological processes for optimal results.

derma repair facial

Advanced restorative treatment targeting compromised skin. Utilises Dr. Spiller's innovative formulations to repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate damaged skin barriers. Ideal for sensitive or stressed complexions seeking renewal.

60 Minutes | $260

biomimetic facial

Cutting-edge facial mimicking skin's natural processes. Addresses ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, and breakouts using Dr. Spiller's balanced approach. Optimises skin renewal for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

60 Minutes | $270

collagen facial

Intensive hydration treatment suitable for all ages. Harnesses high-strength hyaluronic acid and collagen serums with specialised fleece mask. Plumps skin, smooths fine lines, delivering immediate, visibly rejuvenated results.

60 Minutes | $280

hydro marin algae facial

Revitalising facial for dull, fatigued skin. Features Dr. Spiller's Hydro-Marin Freshener Toner with algae extracts and B-complex vitamins. Deeply cleanses, hydrates, and energises for a bright, glowing complexion.

60 Minutes | $290

thermo modelage facial

Innovative self-heating mask treatment by Dr. Spiller. Boosts circulation, hydration, and active ingredient absorption whilst detoxifying skin. Intensely firms and renews lifeless, aged complexions for a revitalised, youthful appearance.

75 Minutes | $300

Treatment Time

60 - 75 Minutes






from $260 - $300

Pregnancy Safe

dr spiller facials

who are dr. spiller facials for?

  • Individuals seeking natural, plant-based skincare solutions

  • Those concerned with premature ageing, pigmentation, or dehydration

  • People with sensitive or breakout-prone skin

  • Anyone looking for deep-acting, biomimetic skincare treatments

  • Clients interested in holistic approaches to skin health

dr. spiller facials treatment process 

Dr. Spiller Facials utilise the brand's unique HYTEC Emulsion Technology to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. Each facial is tailored to address specific skin concerns, from hydration and glow enhancement to intensive collagen boosting and skin resurfacing. 

The treatments incorporate various techniques and products, including enzyme peels, collagen fleece masks, and specialised eye treatments. By mimicking the skin's natural processes, these facials work to balance, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin at a fundamental level. The range includes options for different needs, from quick refreshers to intensive treatments, all designed to promote long-term skin health and vitality.

expected outcomes

  • Improved skin hydration and radiance

  • Reduced signs of premature ageing

  • Enhanced skin texture and tone

  • Balanced and calmed sensitive skin

  • Long-term improvements in overall skin health


  • Follow the recommended Dr. Spiller home care routine

  • Protect your skin with a suitable sunscreen daily

  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Consider regular treatments for sustained results

who is not suitable
  • Individuals with known allergies to specific plant-based ingredients

  • Those with active skin infections or open wounds

  • People with certain skin conditions (consult your dermatologist)

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