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Angelina is a leading skin expert at the forefront of Melbourne’s aesthetics industry.  With her love for all aspects of skin and beauty, Angelina combines clinical corrective therapies with traditional beauty treatments.

Skin has always been Angelina’s passion. Suffering from hormonal acne, dermatitis & digestive issues, has led Angelina to create a Skin Clinic focusing on skin from the inner & outer. Angelina's passion for health and wellness has grown over the years, believing beauty is more than skin deep. Taking a holistic approach to achieving skin radiance, she felt the need to create a clinic that truly has skin health at heart.


At Skin Angel, Angelina specialises in customising treatment plans. She prescribes state-of-the-art technologies with science-based cosmeceutical skin care formulations, and herbal concoctions to achieve outer skin health. She believes our inner radiance begins in our belly, prescribing potent inner beauty powders and elixirs to feed skin from within.



Angelina's meticulous attention to detail as a skin professional has made her a preferred choice of Melbourne beauties. With her commitment to delivering personalised innovative treatments, Angelina has gained a loyal following.



 Working under a leading doctor of skin & laser therapies, Angelina is grateful to have gained the experience and knowledge of today’s modern technologies. Missing the nurturing & self-giving touch of beauty, in May 2016 Angelina opened the doors to her clinic - Skin Angel.

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