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Treatment Regimes


Your treatment regimes consist of a personalised prescribed treatment plan and you skincare product prescription, to get you the healthiest most radiant skin you've been in.

It's your monthly corrective skin regime to skin health.


With a selection of regimes available, we firstly discuss your areas of concern and

prescribe a regimen to suit your needs,

We then determine the length of the treatment course necessary to achieve the best results,

our regimes are available to sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Payment options are available to either pay upfront and save OR pay per month via our direct debit option.

(Please Note - Credit Card details for Direct Debit plans ONLY must be provided for the Direct Debit payments be to set up)

Payment Options

Skin Angel Bronze Treatment Regime.jpg


for cheeks

Skin Angel Pearl Treatment Regime.jpg


for face & neck

Skin Angel Silver Treatment Regime.jpg


for half face

Skin Angel Opal Treatment Regime.jpg


for face, neck & décolletage

Skin Angel Gold Treatment Regime.jpg


for full face

Skin Angel Diamond Treatment Regime.jpg


for the ultimate 2D laser facial

For your customised treatment prescription, all of our regimes give us the option to choose from a wide range of clinically proven corrective treatments to address, clear, and correct your skin concerns.

Laser Genesis

IPL Limelight

CIT Collagen Induction Therapy

SGA Acne Therapy

Laser Pigmentation Removal

Laser Vascular Therapy


Vitamin A Infusion Facial

Prodigy Peel P2

As a gift from us to reach our desired outcomes, included in your monthly regime is a prescribed clinical exfoliation (eg; peel or enzyme) and a mask choosen by your skin expert post your corrective procedure to rejuvenate the skin you're in.

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