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rationale enzymes


luminous rejuvenation

RATIONALE Enzymes are a collection of sophisticated exfoliation treatments designed to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. These treatments utilise a proprietary complex of Skin Identical actives to reactivate vital youth enzymes, promoting cellular renewal and enhancing skin luminosity.

The RATIONALE Enzymes range includes the Enzyme Reactivation Treatment and the Gommage Enzyme Treatment. Both offerings combine gentle yet effective exfoliation methods with nourishing ingredients to deliver comprehensive skin benefits, culminating in a radiant, refined complexion.

Treatment Time

30 Minutes





from $120 - $140

enzyme reactivation treatment

Advanced exfoliation treatment reactivating vital youth enzymes deep within the skin. Uses proprietary Enzyme Reactivation Complex for instant radiance, refinement, and comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

30 Minutes | $120

gommage enzyme treatment

Gentle yet effective exfoliation combining chemical and physical methods. Uses enzyme-rich formulation to dissolve dead skin cells, followed by massage technique for removal. Reveals smoother, brighter, and more refined skin.

30 Minutes | $140

Pregnancy Safe

rationale enzymes

who are RATIONALE enzymes for?

  • Individuals seeking gentle yet effective exfoliation

  • Those looking to enhance skin luminosity and radiance

  • People wanting to improve overall skin texture and tone

  • Clients interested in boosting the efficacy of their skincare routine

  • Anyone desiring a luxurious, sensory skincare experience

RATIONALE Enzyme Treatment Process

RATIONALE Enzymes treatments typically unfold in two phases. The process begins with a thorough cleanse to prepare the skin. Next, a proprietary Enzyme Reactivation Complex or Gommage product is applied, which gently resurfaces the skin's texture, promotes hydration, and evens tone.

In the Enzyme Reactivation Treatment, the complex works deep within the skin to reactivate vital youth enzymes. The Gommage Treatment combines both chemical and physical exfoliation, with the product being massaged off to lift away dead skin cells amplifying luminosity with a proprietary complex of Skin Identical actives.

expected outcomes

  • Instant improvement in skin radiance and luminosity

  • Enhanced skin texture and smoothness

  • Improved hydration and evenness of skin tone

  • Better absorption of subsequent skincare products

  • Overall rejuvenation and a sense of skin wellbeing


  • Protect your skin from sun exposure and apply a high SPF sunscreen daily

  • Follow the recommended RATIONALE skincare routine for optimal results

  • Stay hydrated and avoid excessive heat or sweating for 24 hours post-treatment

  • Schedule regular treatments as advised by your skin specialist

who is not suitable

  • Individuals with active skin infections or open wounds

  • Those with extremely sensitive or reactive skin

  • People with certain skin conditions (consult your dermatologist)

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