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laser hair removal


smooth, hair-free skin

A Laser Hair Removal Consultation is a comprehensive evaluation to assess your candidacy for this advanced hair reduction treatment.

During this session, our expert clinicians examine your skin and hair type, discuss your concerns, and explain the laser hair removal process.

This consultation allows us to determine the most effective treatment approach for your unique needs, ensuring optimal results and safety.

If necessary, we may perform a small test patch to evaluate your skin's response and determine the most effective settings for your treatment.

Treatment Time

15 Minutes




Hair Reduction



laser hair removal

who is it for?

  • Individuals seeking long-term hair reduction solutions

  • Those tired of frequent shaving, waxing, or plucking

  • People with unwanted hair in various body areas

  • Clients looking for a more permanent alternative to traditional hair removal methods

  • Anyone interested in smoother, hair-free skin

how does it work?

Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation begins with a detailed discussion about your hair removal goals and medical history. Our expert clinician will then examine the areas you wish to treat, assessing your skin tone and hair type to determine your suitability. 

We use the Excel HR platform, a leading high-volume hair removal system featuring two proven wavelengths. This advanced technology ensures safe and effective treatments on all skin and hair types. 

We'll explain how the laser targets hair follicles without damaging surrounding skin tissue, discuss the expected number of sessions, potential side effects, and pre and post-treatment care. 

Based on this comprehensive assessment, we'll create a personalised treatment plan designed to achieve optimal hair reduction results for your specific needs.

expected outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the laser hair removal process

  • Assessment of your skin and hair type's suitability for treatment

  • Personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs

  • Realistic expectations of results and required sessions

  • Information on pre and post-treatment care


During your consultation, you'll be prescribed a detailed treatment plan. If you decide to proceed, we'll schedule your first laser hair removal session and provide specific pre-treatment instructions to ensure the best possible results from your treatments.

VISIA skin analysis imaging
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