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skin consultation


personalised skin solutions

A skin consultation is a comprehensive assessment of your skin's health and appearance by a dermal clinician. This in-depth session allows you to discuss your skin concerns in detail while our expert examines the underlying concerns.

During the consultation, we consider various factors unique to you, ensuring that the treatment regimen we recommend is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

This personalised approach sets the foundation for achieving long-term, visible results.

Treatment Time

30 Minutes




Skin Health



skin consultation

what is a skin consultation?

A Skin Consultation is a comprehensive assessment conducted by experienced dermal clinicians to evaluate your skin's unique condition and needs. 

This personalised session involves a thorough examination of your skin's texture, tone, and underlying concerns.

During the consultation, our experts engage in an open dialogue about your skincare goals and current routine. This collaborative process allows us to identify root causes of skin issues and develop a tailored treatment plan. 

The consultation serves as the foundation for creating an effective skincare strategy, empowering you with knowledge about your skin's specific requirements.

Skin Consultation | Initial     | 30 Minutes | $100

Skin Consultation | Review  | 30 Minutes | $50

who is a skin consultation for?

  • Individuals seeking solutions for specific skin concerns

  • Those looking to establish a personalised skincare routine

  • People wanting expert advice on maintaining skin health

  • Anyone considering advanced skin treatments/regimens

  • Clients aiming for long-term skin improvement

how does a skin consultation work?

Your skin consultation begins with a detailed discussion about your skin concerns, lifestyle, and skincare goals. Our dermal clinician will carefully examine your skin, considering factors such as skin type, texture, inflammation, pigmentation, and overall health.

Using this comprehensive information, we analyse the root causes of your skin concerns and determine the most effective treatment approach. We then create a customised treatment regime, which may include in-clinic procedures, at-home skincare routines, and lifestyle recommendations. 

This tailored plan is designed to address your unique concerns and deliver long-lasting results.

expected outcomes

  • A clear understanding of your skin's current condition

  • Identification of underlying causes for skin concerns

  • A personalised treatment regime tailored to your needs

  • Expert recommendations for at-home skincare routines

  • A roadmap for achieving your skin health goals


Following your consultation, you'll receive a detailed treatment regime. 

We recommend reviewing this plan carefully and following any immediate skincare advice provided. 

You're always welcome to contact us with any questions as you begin your skincare journey.

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