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expert care, anywhere

A Virtual Zoom Skin Consultation is an innovative way to receive expert skincare advice, regardless of your location. Whether you're interstate, on holiday, or simply prefer the convenience of home, this service connects you with our dermal clinicians through a secure video call.

During the consultation, our experts visually assess your skin, discuss your skincare routine, and address your specific concerns in detail. This virtual approach offers the flexibility to manage your skin health from anywhere, while maintaining the high standard of care you'd expect from an in-clinic visit.

It's an ideal solution for those who can't visit our clinic in person but still want personalised, professional skincare guidance.

Treatment Time

45 Minutes




Skin Health



virtual zoom

how to prepare for your virtual zoom skin consultation? 

To begin, you'll schedule a convenient time for your Virtual Zoom Skin Consultation. Prior to the call, we'll send you a secure Zoom link via email. We'll provide instructions on how to prepare your skin and set up your space for optimal assessment. A tip for optimal assessment: bright lighting and camera positioning to clearly see your face. 

Zoom | Initial            | 45 Minutes | $150

Zoom | Follow-Up  | 45 Minutes | $100

who is it for?

  • Individuals seeking professional skincare advice from home

  • Those with busy schedules who can't visit the clinic in person

  • People looking for an initial assessment before booking in-clinic treatments

  • Clients wanting to discuss changes in their skincare routine

  • Anyone needing quick, expert guidance on skin concerns

how does it work? 

During the video consultation, our dermal clinicians will ask about your skin concerns, current skincare routine, and goals. They'll visually examine your skin through the video feed, and may ask you to show different angles if necessary. 

Based on this assessment and your discussion, the clinician will provide personalised recommendations, which may include suggested treatments, skincare products, and lifestyle adjustments to improve your skin health.

expected outcomes

  • Professional assessment of your skin's condition

  • Personalised skincare advice and product recommendations

  • A tailored treatment regime addressing your specific concerns

  • Guidance on at-home skincare practices

  • Recommendations for potential in-clinic treatments if needed


Following your virtual consultation, you'll receive a summary of recommendations via email. 

We encourage you to follow the suggested skincare routine and reach out if you have any questions. 

A follow-up consultation may be recommended to review your progress.

VISIA skin analysis imaging
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