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biorepeel gold


body biostimulation

BioRePeel Gold is a cutting-edge, medical-grade chemical peel specifically formulated for body treatments. This innovative two-phase solution contains 50% Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), enhanced by a proprietary blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, poly-hydroxy acids, amino acids, and vitamins.

Unlike traditional body peels, BioRePeel Gold offers more than just exfoliation. Its synergistic formula works to restore optimal physiological skin conditions, making it a comprehensive aesthetic treatment for various body areas. The dual-action approach provides both immediate and long-term benefits for skin health and appearance across the body.

biorepeel gold

Advanced two-phase 50% TCA peel with specific action for back, shoulders, buttocks, legs, knees, elbows, hands and feet. Combines exfoliation with the moisturizing effects of amino acids and vitamins, enhanced by a lipophilic phase. Rejuvenating the body.

From $225 | 30 Minutes

Treatment Time

30 - 45 Minutes



Acne, Rosacea


from $225 - $800

Pregnancy Safe

biorepeel gold

who is biorepeel gold for?

  • Individuals seeking advanced skin rejuvenation for body areas

  • Those with concerns about skin texture or tone on back, limbs, or extremities

  • People looking to address signs of ageing or sun damage on the body

  • Clients wanting a more comprehensive alternative to traditional body peels

  • Anyone desiring improved skin radiance and overall health for body skin

biorepeel gold treatment process

The BioRePeel Gold treatment begins with thorough cleansing of the target body area. The two-phase solution is then carefully applied to the skin. The first phase, rich in TCA and hydroxy acids, provides deep exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and stimulating cell renewal across the treated body parts.

The second phase, containing amino acids and vitamins, penetrates the skin to nourish and hydrate. This phase is assisted by a lipophilic component that forms a protective film, enhancing moisturisation and prolonging the treatment's effects. The dual-action approach ensures both immediate and sustained results, promoting overall skin health and appearance for the body.

expected outcomes

  • Improved skin texture and tone on treated body areas

  • Enhanced hydration and moisture retention for body skin

  • Reduced appearance of body imperfections and sun damage

  • Brighter, more radiant complexion across treated areas

  • Overall improvement in body skin health and vitality


  • Avoid direct sun exposure on treated areas and use high SPF sunscreen daily

  • Follow the prescribed post-treatment body skincare routine

  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet

  • Attend follow-up appointments as recommended

who is not suitable

  • Individuals with active skin infections or open wounds on body areas

  • Those with a history of keloid scarring

  • People with certain skin conditions (consult your dermatologist)

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