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herbal corrective peels


blemishes, acne & scarring

Herbal Corrective Peels are innovative skin treatments that harness the power of natural botanicals to detoxify, rejuvenate, and resurface the skin. Unlike traditional chemical peels, these treatments use a patented formulation of dried, crushed herbs to gently exfoliate and stimulate skin renewal.

Herbal Corrective Peels offer a safe, non-invasive alternative for acneic skin. They work by deeply detoxifying increasing blood circulation and promoting the natural peeling of upper skin layers, revealing fresher, healthier skin beneath.

Herbal CPeel | Corrective Peel

Intensive herbal skin resurfacing treatment delivering visible results in five days. Uses natural botanicals to reveal clear, fresh skin without toxins, acids, silicones, or harsh chemicals. Phenomenal for acneic skin.

Corrective Peel      | $750  | 60 Minutes

Mini Peel                 | $250  | 60 Minutes

Facial Post 5 Days | $300 | 60 Minutes

Herbal PPeel | Phyto Peels

Moderate version of Herbal Aktiv Peel with minimal downtime. Customisable with different additives to address specific skin needs. Offers effective rejuvenation and can be repeated every 2-3 weeks.

PPeel Customisations:

  • Phyto Energizer for Sun Damaged & Ageing Skin

  • Phyto Calm for Sensitive Skin

  • Phyto Clear for Impure Skin

  • Phyto Restore for Mature Skin

$260 | 45 Minutes

Treatment Time

45 - 60 Minutes



Acne, Scarring


from $250 - $750

Pregnancy Safe

herbal corrective peels

who are herbal corrective peels for?

  • Individuals seeking to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage

  • Those looking to improve acne scarring and pigmentation

  • People wanting to maintain overall skin health and radiance

  • Clients preferring natural, chemical-free skin treatments

  • Anyone looking to achieve smoother, tighter skin

herbal aktiv peel treatment process

Herbal Corrective Peels begin with a thorough skin assessment to determine the most suitable treatment approach. The proprietary herbal blend is then applied to the skin, where it works to stimulate blood circulation and gently exfoliate the upper layers of skin.

Over the next 3-5 days post treatment, the skin naturally peels, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. A follow-up treatment is then performed to remove any remaining old skin cells and nourish the newly revealed skin with nutrient-rich ingredients. This process promotes collagen production, improves skin texture, and clears blemishes, congestions and deep cystic acne. Helping to eliminate post acne scaring.

expected outcomes

  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage

  • Improved appearance of acne scars and pigmentation

  • Smoother, tighter, and more radiant complexion

  • Enhanced overall skin health and texture

  • Natural-looking results without harsh chemical effects


  • Use prescribed care products as instructed for 2-5 days post-treatment

  • Protect skin from sun exposure and apply recommended SPF

  • Attend follow-up treatment to remove peeling skin and nourish new skin

  • Maintain a gentle skincare routine as advised by your practitioner

  • Herbal Super Lotion, and Vitamin Cream or Clear Cream, followed by BB Blemish Balm Cream

who is not suitable

  • Individuals with active skin infections or open wounds

  • Those with certain skin conditions (consult your dermatologist)

  • People with a history of keloid scarring

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