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cit skin needling


collagen induction

Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as Skin Needling, is a fractionated treatment that stimulates the skin's natural healing process to address various skin concerns.

The DermaPen 4 device creates fine, controlled micro-channels in the skin, triggering an inflammatory response resulting in the skin's fibroblast production of collagen and elastin. These micro-injuries allow increased absorption of topical nutrients, promoting skin repair and rejuvenation from within.

Collagen Induction Therapy effectively targets acne scarring, fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, and overall skin texture, providing visible improvements with minimal downtime for maximum results.

Treatment Time

30 - 60 Minutes



1-3 Days

Acne, Scarring, Dark Circles

Pregnancy Safe


from $350

cit skin needling

who is cit skin needling for?

  • Individuals seeking to improve skin texture, plumpness and tightness 

  • Those looking to reduce scarring, including acne scars to refine skin

  • People wanting to minimise wrinkles and fine lines 

  • Clients aiming to treat striae (stretch marks) or stimulate hair growth

  • Those dealing with uneven skin tone or pigmentation issues 

how does cit skin needling work?

CIT Skin Needling utilises the advanced Dermapen 4 device to create precise, microscopic channels in the skin. This cutting-edge tool stimulates the production of new collagen through a process known as collagen induction. 

The Dermapen 4's controlled micro-injuries trigger the skin's natural healing response without damaging the outer layer, maximising results while accelerating the healing process. 

By avoiding heat, the Dermapen method minimises epidermal damage, avoiding the risks associated with more aggressive treatments. It eliminates the risks of permanent structural damage, subcutaneous tissue damage, increased sun sensitivity, or hypo or hyperpigmentation linked to heat-based or more invasive procedures.

expected outcomes of cit skin needling

  • Improved skin tone and texture 

  • Reduction in the appearance of scars and pitting 

  • Smoother, more even skin 

  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Enhanced skin plumpness and elasticity 

post-care treatment

  • Expect mild to moderate redness, swelling, and sensitivity for 12-48 hours 

  • Light bruising may occur for 2-3 days 

  • The treated area may feel dry and tight for up to 3-5 days 

  • Avoid sun exposure and heat 

  • Follow your clinician's prescriptive skincare aftercare instructions

follow-up instructions

Visible results typically appear within 6-8 weeks and continue to improve over the following months. 

We recommend a series of 3-12 treatments for optimal results, depending on the severity of your convern. Specific regimes are tailored to your skin's needs. 

who is not suitable?

  • Individuals with active skin infections or open wounds 

  • Those with a history of keloid scarring 

  • Individuals on blood-thinning medications

  • People with certain skin conditions or medications (consult your clinician)

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